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Help support our non-releasable raptors through our Adopt-a-Raptor program. Hawks Aloft houses and cares for 25 permanently disabled raptors (and one corvid!). Our Avian Ambassadors travel all around the Southwest helping us to educate the public about how to help protect these beautiful animals. We provide them with top-quality housing, food, and medical care for their entire lives. It costs Hawks Aloft about $2000 a month just to keep our birds fed. By adopting a raptor, you will help us cover the cost of food, home improvements, and veterinary care for one of our disabled raptors. Prices range from $35-$100 depending on the size and needs of our different bird species.

When you adopt a Hawks Aloft raptor you will receive:

  • A one-year Hawks Aloft membership
  • An Adoption Certificate
  • An information sheet about the individual bird you have adopted
  • Exclusive access to video updates about your bird
  • Your choice of:
    • A professional 8×10 photo of your bird, or
    • A stuffed Audubon Bird with sound for the birds below.
      • Our inventory of stuffed animals is currently low. We’ll replenish our supply soon!  In stock we have:
        • Snowy Owl
        • Bald Eagle
        • Red-tailed Hawk
        • Ruby Throated Hummingbird
        • California Quail
        • Western Tanager
        • Mountain Bluebird
        • Great Horned Owl
        • Brown Pelican

If stuffed animal is an option for the raptor you’d like to adopt, we’ll send you a similar species of stuffed animal (Snowy Owl for a Screech Owl, or Red-tailed Hawk for a Rough-legged Hawk, and so on). Just select your preference. Please check back or contact us if you’d like specific species of stuffed animal that is not currently in stock.

Scroll down to learn more about our Adopt-a-Raptor Program. Click here to learn more about our Avian Ambassadors (link opens in a new tab).

 Adopt-an-American Crow

Help support Indigo, our American Crow. Indigo is a human-imprint who requires extra special care. By supporting her you will help us pay for her food, toys, veterinary care, and housing.

Price: $35.00




Adopt-a-Saw-whet OwlIMG_9796

Help support Aspen, our new Northern Saw-whet Owl. Aspen came to us January 2015 with a left shoulder girdle injury and unfortunately will never fly again. By supporting Aspen you will help us pay for his food, veterinary care, and housing.

Price: $35.00




Adopt-a-Screech OwlKenna 2013 - small

By adopting a Screech-Owl, you can help us support one of our four Screech-Owls, Kenna (right), Meg, Shadow, and Dawn. Dawn is an Western Screech-Owl who came to us from Wildlife Rescue in 2008. Glaucoma caused  blindness in her right eye, which has since been removed to prevent infection. Kenna was transferred to Hawks Aloft in 2010.  By supporting Kenna or one of our other Screech-Owls, you will help us pay for their food, veterinary care, and housing.

Price: $35.00



Adopt-an-American Kestrel

Help us support one of our American Kestrels (the smallest falcon in North America), Clark Kent (left), Waldo, and Miss Tori. Clark suffers from a broken coracoid bone, which is a bone in the chest that is really important for flight. Although this bone will never heal, Clark is a super star at our events because he is a very handsome boy and he knows it! By supporting Clark Kent or another of our American Kestrels, you will help us pay for their food, veterinary care, and housing.

Price: $35.00



 Adopt-a-MerlinMeet our newest Educational Ambassador, Merlie, a female Merlin. Image by Keith Bauer.

Help us support one of our Merlins, Merlie Falconbird (left), Kiki, and Richard. Merlie injured her right eye as a youngster in the wild, and is blind in that eye. Also, the nictating membrane, or third eyelid, does not come all the way across her eyes in both eyes, causing other vision problems. These issues keep Merlie from being released back to the wild. By supporting Merlie or another of our Merlins, you will help us pay for their food, veterinary care, and housing.

Price: $50.00




IMG_8974Adopt-a-Barn Owl

Help support Celeste, our new Barn Owl. Celeste hatched in 2014 and came to Hawks Aloft June 2014 with a traumatic eye injury and right shoulder girdle injury. She is permanently blind in her left eye and cannot be released. By supporting Celeste you will help us pay for her food, veterinary care, and housing.

Price: $60.00




Adopt-a-Great Horned Owl

Help support the largest species of owl in New Mexico by adopting one of our two Great-horned Owls, Aztec (left) and Bubba. Aztec came to us from Aztec, NM after being hit by a car. Her right wing was broken in the radius and ulna and never recovered. She is a beautiful bird with her golden coloring and is often a favorite of photographers. Adopting Aztec or our other Great-horned Owl, Bubba, will help pay for food, veterinary care, and housing improvements.

Price: $60.00



Adopt-a-Swainson’s Hawk

By adopting one of our two Swainson’s Hawks, Commodore and Aires, you will be helping to support a species that has had a harrowing history. In 1995 & 1996, an estimated 6000 Swainson’s Hawks died in Argentina (their wintering grounds) as a result of pesticide poisoning. We use our educational Swainson’s Hawks to teach children and adults about the dangers of pesticide use. Helping to support one of our Swainson’s Hawks will help us pay for food, veterinary care, and housing.

Price: $75.00



Adopt-a-Red-tailed Hawk

Help support one of our four Red-tailed Hawks, Jamaica (left in photo), Quemado (right in photo), Aguilita, and Harlan. Jamaica is a female who was shot as a juvenile. She has pellets lodged in her chest and had damage to her right wing which resulted in a partial amputation. She also has shrapnel in her left eye that caused her to lose most of the vision in that eye. Quemado is a male red-tail who, as a juvenile, was seen flying into power lines at Kirtland Airforce Base. Due to severe burns, he has a part of one wing and a toe amputated. Supporting one of our red-tails will help us teach children and adults about how to prevent unnecessary raptor deaths. Your donation will help us provide one of our four Red-tailed Hawks with food, veterinary care, and housing.

Price: $75.00


Adopt-a-Prairie Falcon20131205-_V8C7469

Prairie Falcons have a western range, spreading across the arid portions of western North America from southern Canada to Mexico.  They are considered the western cousins to Peregrine Falcons, as they both nest on high cliffs and can hunt birds and bats in midair.  However, unlike their cousins that hunt with high-speed stoops (or dives), Prairie Falcons swoop at low angles to surprise their prey.  Using the juvenile field mark, we believe our Prairie Falcon, “Sunny”, was hatched in 2012.  He was found with a dangling wing by hikers in southern New Mexico.  Fortunately, one of the hikers was a vet tech who brought him safely to Hawks Aloft.  Sunny’s wingtip was severely injured and had to be amputated.  His naturally accepting nature allowed him to become part of our education team.  Your donation will help us provide Sunny with food, veterinary care, and housing.

Price: $100.00


Adopt-a-Rough-legged Hawk

Help support Cimarron del Norte, our Rough-legged Hawk. Rough-legged hawks are only found in New Mexico during the height of winter. They spend the rest of the year in the Arctic where their diet is primarily lemmings. Cimarron came to us in 2007 after being found by a rancher in Roy, NM. He has a poorly healed fracture in one wing that makes it hard for him to fly. He is a little skittish and usually only makes an appearance at adult programs. When you adopt Cimarron, you will help us pay for his food, veterinary care, and housing.

Price: $100.00



Adopt-a-Ferruginous Hawk

Help us support Ferrug, our male Ferruginous Hawk. Ferrug is one of our most disabled birds. He was hit by a car and suffered a badly broken wing which resulted in a frozen elbow and wrist in that wing. He cannot fly at all, but is an excellent jumper and jumps around in mews (or pen) using ramps to reach all his favorite spots. Ferruginous Hawks are a relatively rare species, with only an estimated 10,000 left in the wild. Your support of Ferrug will help us pay for his food, veterinary care, and housing.

Price: $100.00



Adopt-a-Spotted Owl

Help us provide care for one of our newest Avian Ambassadors, Jemez, a Spotted Owl. Spotted Owls are a federally listed threatened species across the United States, due to their preference of habitat. These birds prefer to live in the old growth forests that are increasingly threatened across the country. Jemez came to us on a freezing night in December 2016, with a very dire prognosis. Illustrating the resilience her species is known for, she pulled through. She suffered trauma, likely caused by a collision with a car that required that her left eye be removed. There are only an estimated 2,106 Spotted Owls left in the U.S. With your support, we can care for Jemez, and she can share her stories with others to the benefit of her species.

Price: $100.00

Adopt-a-Flammulated Owl

Our petite Flammulated Owl came to us in September of 2016 with a severe shoulder girdle injury that has made him unable to survive in the wild. Named “Flame” by his rescuers, this little fellow recovered under the care of Hawks Aloft rehabilitators. One of the smallest owls in North America, and also one of the very few with dark eyes, the Flammulated Owl is quite unique–and so are their diets! Flame requires a specialized diet of mainly crickets. Please consider adopting him and helping to fund his expensive tastes.

Price: $100.00



Turkey Vultures are patient scavengers that allow other predators to prepare their meal for them before swooping in and eating the soft leftovers. These impressive birds navigate their food by way of smell, with the ability to detect carrion from over a mile away! Because of their diet, Turkey Vultures are extremely important in preventing diseases that spread quickly through both human and animal populations. Beauty was originally found in Corona, NM as a nestling and brought in with a chest injury. After she healed, Beauty was kept as a pet until she was confiscated in early 2018.  Because she was kept in captivity since she was young, Beauty is imprinted and does not have the instincts it takes to be a successful individual in the wild. When you adopt Beauty, you will help us afford her food, veterinary care, and housing.

Price: $175.00