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Community Outreach

As an active participant in our community, we are often invited to community events all around New Mexico and its neighboring states. Such programs encourage people to make positive environmental choices and conserve New Mexico’s unique natural heritage. Depending on the size of the event, we take somewhere between two to fifteen educational raptors to help the cause of the event and promote environmental awareness. All of this work cannot be done without the help of our spectacular volunteers.

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WildBirds Unlimited Las Cruces Anniversary Event, 2013

WildBirds Unlimited Las Cruces Anniversary Event, 2013

Major Events

There are few events that we are invited to annually:

Monte Vista Crane Festival, 2013

Monte Vista Crane Festival, 2013

  • Monte Vista Crane Festival
  • Festival of the Cranes at Bosque del Alpache
  • WildBirds Unlimited Anniversary Events
  • Soaring in the South Valley Festival

In the past, we have also been invited to:

  • Elementary School’s Parent Night events
  • School Science Fair booths
  • Community art events
  • Friends of the Bosque events
  • Photography sessions

Scheduling an Outreach Event

Whether the event is indoor or outdoor, our booth events are flexible to match your requests. For outreach events within Albuquerque metropolitan area (within 50 miles of Albuquerque), event fee is $300 for an all day event. If farther than 50 miles, the fee is $300 plus round-trip mileage ($0.56 per mile).  We will bring at least two  birds to the event, along with two to three volunteers. The birds will be on display and event attenders can approach the birds and the bird-experts to chat up their bird stories and purchase merchandise which will directly help the organization and our birds.

If you are interested in scheduling an outreach event, or would like more information, please fill out the following form:

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Note: If you would like us to be there for part of the event, please note it in the Special Instructions section and for input the time you would like us to be there for the Event Time.

Expected number of participants

Specific topic(s) requested (optional)?

Special instructions or Avian Ambassador requests (optional). (Many Native American tribes in our region associate owls with death, so if you have N.A. children in your group you might request "no owls.")