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Adventures in Education Series – Fall 2014 Overview



This fall has been a whirlwind of activity in the education department at Hawks Aloft! In August,we began classroom visits at our Living with the Landscape (LWL) schools. We have successfully completed all classroom visits at Hawthorne, La Luz, and MacArthur Elementary Schools. Our fourth school, Mountain View, will have their final visit in January. We have reached approximately 1,400 students and 100 teachers  with this year’s LWL program. It is offered to Title One schools in the Albuquerque area through an application process.  We present lessons on bird anatomy, migration, bioaccumulation, and watersheds. It has been an absolute pleasure getting to work with each class and their teachers and we are looking forward to taking students on their field trips in the spring!


Prairie Falcon, Sunny, at Festival of the Cranes.           Picture taken by Tammy Maitland, Educator

In addition  to LWLt, we also presented eight bird of prey programs reaching 748 students in Albuquerque, Ruidoso, and Cimarron, NM. We conducted nine outreach booths.  Some were local, while others were more distant such as  Bosque Del Apache National Wildlife Refuge and Las Cruces; we reached 1,544 participants at these booths. Overall, we have reached approximately 4,000 people face to face since the end of August through our education programs.

We greatly appreciate the support of our volunteers that make our efforts so much more effective and enjoyable.  Thanks to everyone who has helped.


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