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Upcoming Book Release: How to Be a Better Birder by D. Lovitch

How to Be a Better Birder, D. Lovitch © Princeton University Press 2012

We are excited by the announcement of the early release of a new book by Princeton University Press. Slated for a June publication date, the book will now be available on April 11.

How To Be a Better Birder is a crash course in advanced birding that capitalizes on technological innovation as well as good old-fashioned observation tips. With a light, deft touch, Lovitch provides inspirational chapters on advance field identification; birding at night; birding and habitat, geography, and weather; vagrants; and how to combine passion and purpose to participate in the birding and conservation world at large.

Jeff Gordon, president of the American Birding Association, kindly offers this endorsement: “This book is useful for those wanting a convenient introduction to birding as it is currently practiced by many of the leaders in the North American field. The writing is informative and conversational, a good balance to strike when trying to make more advanced birding techniques accessible to a broader audience.”

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