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Juvenile Ferruginous Hawk

juvenile Ferruginous Hawk © Tony Thomas
No reproduction of any kind without written permission.

Ferruginous Hawks often appear to be white from below, especially when they are in flight. Juveniles have white leggings, while adults have rufous leggings. They are found only in the grasslands of the American West. Tony Thomas and Chellye Porter captured this image of a juvenile Ferruginous Hawk at Bosque del Apache NWR the week of December 26. Ferruginous Hawks are notoriously difficult to photograph and we thank them for sharing!

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  1. Phyllis Lauer says:

    Hi. I know this sounds crazy but we have seen what surely looks to be a juvenile ferruginous hawk on 12/23/20-in Valley Cottage, NY 10989. In addition to the physical descriptions in Sibleys and Audobon books, as well a number of websites, there is a distinct seafoam green color in the nasal tuft area and noticeably large feet! It was perched four feet from the ground and only 20 feet away from us in the house. It is definitely not a red tail hawk, which are very common here. Nor is it a goshawk which we have had here on several occasions. also not a rough legged hawk based on the color patterns. We read that the ferruginous hawk is usually not seen east of the Rocky Mts. Do you know of any other east coast sightings of the ferruginous? Thanks for any input about these amazing birds. Merry Christmas.

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