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November 9-18, 2019

Harpy Eagle. Image courtesy of the Canopy Family.


Semiplumbeous Hawk. Image courtesy of the Canopy Family.

Panama is a biologically and culturally diverse country connecting North and South America. It is a haven for wildlife watchers of all kinds, especially birders. The Canopy Family has operated ecotourism lodges in Panama since 1999. Their mission is “to share the nature, history and culture of the Republic of Panamá with passion and enthusiasm, focused on customer satisfaction and guided by the principles of conservation and social responsibility.”

Hawks Aloft, Inc. is based in Albuquerque, NM, and works to conserve indigenous wild birds and their habitats through avian research, conservation education, raptor rescue, and cooperation with others. Hawks Aloft has offered trips to Ecuador, Peru, Guatemala, and other international destinations at least once a year to experience diverse wildlife and new cultures. Join Hawks Aloft and the Canopy Family on the trip of a lifetime!




Trip Highlights

  • Look for Harpy Eagles!
  • Visit the Darién region of Panama, a vast area of the eastern part of the country with no roads and diverse wildlife. Stay at the Canopy Family’s Canopy Camp.
  • Explore local culture, including a native Embera village.
  • Relax and enjoy rainforest-level views from the famous Canopy Tower.

Click Here for the detailed Itinerary.

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Red-legged Honeycreeper. Image courtesy of the Canopy Family.

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Guatemala: Birding the Highlands and Lake Atitlán with Hawks Aloft
January 26 – February 5, 2019

Spot Bat Falcons and more! Image courtesy of Debbie Sturdivant Jordan.

Tucked into the beautiful highlands of the Sierra Madre range in Guatemala is beautiful Lake Atitlán, whose name is derived from the Nahuatl language, meaning “at the water.” Here, at high elevations in the heart of Central America, Hawks Aloft is partnering with Holbrook Travel and Flyway Expeditions to bring our friends an experience like no other. During this 10-day journey, we’ll seek out rare and native species in this region of Guatemala, which is nestled in the middle of one of the world’s prime migratory corridors. Birders will also have the opportunity to connect with locals who care about conservation through Audubon’s bird-tourism initiative, Santiago Atitlán. A portion of the proceeds of this excursion will be donated to conservation efforts in Guatemala.

Beautiful Antigua, in Guatemala. Image courtesy of Steffi Lopez




Interested? Find the full itinerary of the trip and all associated costs in downloadable PDF form here. Or check out a full description and register for this epic trip on Holbrook Travel’s website here.

We can’t wait to experience Guatemala with you!





Guatemala’s Lake Atitlán, image courtesy of Sandy Schmidt.


Guatemalan women weaving. Image courtesy of Etel Castillo