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Meet our Staff

The staff and volunteers at Hawks Aloft come from a wide variety of backgrounds. Each member of the Hawks Aloft team brings valuable knowledge, insight, and vision to the organization.

Gail Garber, Executive Director

Gail Garber

My background for this position is non-traditional. As an artist and writer, I have written three books in another field and published numerous articles, including peer-reviewed manuscripts. Back in 1988, I met and fell in love with an educational Red-tailed Hawk. I began working as a volunteer for a local conservation organization, and it wasn’t long before I became a staff member writing training manuals, grants, editing their newsletter, etc. However, it was education that was my first love, followed by field research. Today, I thoroughly enjoy all aspects of Hawks Aloft, from working in the field studying nesting raptors along the Rio Grande bosque and songbird surveys to education programs to working with our large cadre of non-releasable education birds. I have been thrilled to write not only technical papers but also articles about birds and nature for the general public.  In my other life, I am a professional quilt maker (Gail Garber Designs) and often travel to teach and lecture methods that I have developed in this media. My leisure time is often spent outdoors, searching for birds and more birds, but my dogs and I also enjoy the peace and quiet of our mountain home (and the birds). Click here to contact Gail.


Trevor Fetz

Trevor Fetz

Trevor Fetz, Lead Avian Biologist

I grew up in northeastern Oregon and received a B.A. in English from Whitman College. Upon realizing that my baseball career was not going to advance beyond college, and that I didn’t want to teach English, I decided to pursue my interest in nature. I received an M.S. in Environmental Studies from Southern Oregon University, and it was during that time I discovered my obsession with birds. After completing my M.S., I spent several years working for the Oregon Cooperative Wildlife Research Unit studying Spotted Owls in southwestern Oregon and two years as the project coordinator of a MAPS station for the Medford, Oregon, district of the Bureau of Land Management. I completed my Ph.D. in Ecology and Evolutionary Biology at New Mexico State University in 2010. Click here to contact Trevor.


 Julia Davis, Education and Outreach Coordinator

Julia Davis, HAI's Education and Outreach Coordinator, at the Albuquerque Balloon Fiesta

Julia Davis

Hello my name is Julia Davis and here is a little information about me! I graduated from The Pennsylvania State University in 2009 with a Bachelor’s of Science in Environmental Education and programming. In both indoor and outdoor classrooms, I have introduced environmental and cultural education to a wide range of students and have over seven years of experience in the Environmental Education field.  May 2014 I started working with Hawks Aloft and successfully introduced New Mexico students of all ages to live birds of prey and relevant conservation issues via interactive lessons and structured play. During the 2014-2015 school year, I organized school programs and public festivals in New Mexico, Arizona, and Colorado and worked collaboratively with the Title One Homeless Prevention Project in Albuquerque, Albuquerque BioPark/Open Space, Valle de Oro NWR, and Albuquerque/Ruidoso/Cimarron Public schools. During my free time I enjoy cooking and relaxing with my dog Mavis! I am a Pennsylvania native so every few months I slip away to go hike through the forests and jump in the “cricks” (that is what we call a creek in Pennsylvania) of Pa!  Click here to contact Julia.


Jeannine Kinzer

Jeannine Kinzer, Raptor Rescue Dispatcher

After 23 years at Intel, I decided to semi-retire.  As of now, I am working as a volunteer coordinator for the Galloping Grace Youth Ranch, building a foundation and program for recruiting and retaining volunteers. I have been a volunteer for HAI almost 2 years now and worked closely with all aspects of the rescue program. So when the opportunity came up for someone to help ensure that we always have coverage for the rescue phone I jumped on the chance.  I will be working closely with staff members to improve the reliability of the program and ensure long term success of the project.  I look forward to working with everyone! Click here to contact Jeannine.

We are quite excited to announce the return of Jeannine Kinzer, a longtime volunteer and our office manager for 6 months.  She is back in a new role, one that is near and dear to her heart – rescuing injured raptors and ensuring that they get the care that they need.  Further, Jeannine is participating as a volunteer for the Rio Grande Gorge Raptor Monitoring Project and Raptor Monitoring at El Segundo Mine.  


Mike Hill, GIS Specialist and Biologist

Mike Hill

Mike Hill

I grew up in central New Mexico and spent the majority of my childhood outside catching toads, snakes, and lizards. Upon graduation from high school I decided to pursue my love of nature in a formal setting. I graduated from Western New Mexico University in 2003 with a B.S. in Forestry/Wildlife. My summers were spent working for the US Fish and Wildlife Service throughout the southwestern US. I enrolled in graduate school at New Mexico State University and I eventually transferred to Texas A&M University to immerse myself in an active herpetology program. I radio-tracked Dunes Sagebrush Lizards (Sceloporus arenicolus) in southeastern New Mexico and operated trapping grids for a Dunes Sagebrush Lizard mark-recapture study in Chaves County, NM. I have remained active in Dunes Sagebrush Lizard conservation, management, and research since 2004. If I’m not in southeastern New Mexico performing lizard surveys, I’m at home with my wife and daughter or assisting Hawks Aloft with GIS needs. While I could be classified as a herpetologist, I prefer to think of myself as a naturalist with more knowledge about amphibians and reptiles than other groups of organisms. I have a deep respect for our natural world and I never want to lose my connection to it. Click here to contact Mike.


Maggie Grimason

Maggie Grimason, Senior Editor and Educator

I was born in Indiana and bounced around the Midwest, Southwest, and East Coast before landing in Albuquerque, a place which I am very proud to call home. I graduated with honors from Indiana University in Bloomington, Indiana, with a degree in English with an emphasis in creative writing and have had the pleasure of applying my talents to many literary pursuits. I’ve nearly completed a certification in technical writing, curate a monthly book club, contribute to an online journal of nature and travel writing and work as the arts and lit editor for the Weekly Alibi.  I have had the pleasure of working in education at the elementary, high school, and college level in both the United States and during a great adventure in the far east. In addition to my love of the written word, I also find immense joy in nature and working with wild animals. After a stint in wildlife rehabilitation off the coast of Washington, I sought to meld my two passions and have found a perfect fit in my position at Hawks Aloft. When I’m not working and writing I enjoy nightly runs along the Bosque, watercolor painting, and, of course, reading. Click here to contact Maggie.


Amanda 300 px

Amanda Schluter

Amanda Schluter, Biologist and Educator

Hello, my name is Amanda Schluter. I grew up in the mountains east of Albuquerque and attended Moriarty High School. Most of my childhood was spent scampering in the woods outside my

parents’ house catching lizards and snakes. After high school I attended the University of New Mexico and received a BS in Biology. While receiving my undergraduate degree I took an ornithology course and realized my love of birds. Eventually, I would like to pursue a graduate degree that focuses on research within the ornithological field.  I worked seasonally from 2012 to 2015 as a Wildlife Technician for the US Forest Service. I have worked in forests in New Mexico, California and Arizona. The majority of my field experience has been conducting surveys for Spotted Owls and Northern Goshawks. My work with Hawks Aloft consists of Mexican Spotted Owl surveys, song bird surveys and raptor nest surveys, as well as delivering educational programs.  My free time is spent outdoors camping and hiking with my dog Dexter. I also love to crochet and knit. Click here to contact Amanda.

Angela Green, Office Manager

Officer Manager Angela Green

Officer Manager Angela Green


Originally from Canada, I spent the majority of my formative years as an expat in Saudi Arabia. While on vacations in the US, I was fortunate enough to do a great deal of camping in the Southwest with my family; this is where I discovered a love for wildlife and the outdoors. During my undergrad years in northern Arizona, I participated in Northern Goshawk and Spotted Owl research as I earned a BS in parks and recreation management, as well as minors in biology and forestry. Fate intervened shortly after graduation, and I started working as an accountant. I went on to earn my MBA, and I have also owned two dog grooming businesses. In my free time, I love to camp, travel, and craft, and of course, spend time with my family and two dogs. Click here to contact Angela.



Everett Ogilvie

Everett Ogilvie

Everett Ogilvie, Statistician

I am a New Mexico native, born in Silver City.  I went to High School in Farmington and earned my mechanical engineering degree from UNM in Albuquerque.  I recently retired after a 20-plus year career with Intel in Rio Rancho, and I am now at Hawks Aloft via the Encore Fellowship Program.  I did a fair amount of data analysis during my time at Intel, and I am now helping with analysis and report preparation at Hawks Aloft.  During my first week here I got to spend several days at the Valles Caldera helping with songbird surveys, which was a great experience, seeing parts of the preserve I never had before.  While attending UNM I spent part of a summer working with university biologists doing mammal trapping/surveying at Bosque del Apache.  My wife and I moved to the East Mountains about two years ago and we love the area, spending time walking with our dogs and, of course, observing all the wildlife.  It was the rescue of an injured Great Horned Owl on our property that connected me to Hawks Aloft, and after rehabilitation, we released the owl on our property.  I still ride motorcycles and we love doing day trips around the state, and occasional longer road trips throughout the western half of the US. Click here to contact Everett.

Katrina Hucks, Biologist and Raptor Rescue Coordinator

I grew up Oklahoma loving nature, being outside, and, of course, catching frogs. I attended the University of Central Oklahoma where I fell in love with birds and spent many hours catching and banding marshbirds for the majority of my undergrad. I graduated in 2014 with a BS in Biology. I then went on to receive my MS in Biology from the University of Louisiana at Lafayette in 2017, looking at the distributions of waterbirds and their habitats in coastal Louisiana. My passion for birds has taken me several places in the last few years. After graduating with my MS, I spent a summer at the Great Smoky Mountains Institute at Tremont teaching children about birds and nature. Following that, I spent 7 weeks in central Panama at the Canopy Tower conducting an annual raptor count for Panama Audubon. My work at Hawks Aloft consists of songbird and raptors surveys, as well as coordinating volunteers for raptor rescues. When I’m not out birding or exploring, I enjoy reading and hanging out with my cat, Diesel, and my ball python, Cecil (but not together!). Click here to contact Katrina.