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Word Scramble Solved!

Word Scramble! How did you do?

1. A peregrine is what type of bird? (lnofac) FALCON
2. DDT is a type of PESTICIDE. (csdtepiie)
3. When a Peregrine Falcon dives, it is called a STOOP. (optso)
4. POLLUTION in the air can make plants, animals, and people sick. (tuliplono)
5. Peregrine Falcons live on tall cliffs or BUILDINGS. (iigbdslun)
6. Because of pesticides, Peregrine Falcons became ENDANGERED. (dnegareend)
7. The Peregrine Fund RELEASED captive bred Peregrine Falcons. (eaeserld)
8. The female Peregrine Falcon at Hawks Aloft is now used for EDUCATION. (dictnoaue)
9. Peregrine Falcons are SPECIALISTS when it comes to eating. (scsasepilit)
10. Peregrine Falcons eat primarily BIRDS. (dbsri)