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For Kids


Complete this puzzle to learn who our female Great-Horned Owl was living with one spring.

  Have you ever seen a Swainson’s Hawk chick? Complete the puzzle to see how cute they are!



Try this puzzle of our Western-Screech Owl, Dawn.




Try this puzzle of out Great Horned Owl, Aztec.




More Games & Activities Coming Soon!

Dusk the Eastern Screech-Owl says “Check back in a few weeks!”

Order Please!

Put the following pictures in order to create a comic strip about the Peregrine Falcon and its struggle with DDT.

Once you think you have the correct order, click here to see if you got it right!

Word Find!

Find all the words listed in the following word search:

  • Bugs
  • Eggs
  • Falcon
  • DDT
  • Chemical
  • Peregrine
  • Plants
  • Poison
  • Speed
  • Stoop
  • Birds
  • Crops
  • Nest

Word Scramble!

Unscramble the letters to find the answer to each question.

      1. A peregrine is what type of bird? (lnofac) ______


      2. DDT is a type of _________. (csdtepiie)


      3. When a Peregrine Falcon dives, it is called a _____. (optso)


      4. _________ in the air can make plants, animals, and people sick. (tuliplono)


      5. Peregrine Falcons live on tall cliffs or _________. (iigbdslun)


      6. Because of pesticides, Peregrine Falcons became __________. (dnegareend)


      7. The Peregrine Fund ________ captive bred Peregrine Falcons. (eaeserld)


      8. The female Peregrine Falcon at Hawks Aloft is now used for _________. (dictnoaue)


      9. Peregrine Falcons are ___________ when it comes to eating. (scsasepilit)


    10. Peregrine Falcons eat primarily _____. (dbsri)

Click here for answers!