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For Educators

Hawks Aloft offers programs geared towards all grade levels. For our youngest audience (PreK – 1), our visits feature the reading of a bird-related story and two live raptors, one of which is usually a small owl. Programs for grades 2-12 can be tailored to fit the needs of your classroom. Typically these programs feature two live raptors and incorporate games or activities to teach topics including: raptor biology, adaptations, endangered species, and watersheds.

Most of our single visit programs are offered free or at reduced cost for Title 1 one schools.

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Teacher Resources

Prepare students for upcoming Hawks Aloft programs with these packets. Every packet contains information and activities.

Download Pre-K – 1st Grade Pre-Packet (PDF)

Download 2nd-3rd Grade Pre-Packet (PDF)

Download 4th Grade Pre-Packet (PDF)

Download 5th Grade Pre-Packet (PDF)

Download 5th-7th Grade Pre-Packet (PDF)

Download 8th – 12th Grade Pre-Packet (PDF)



The following lessons are free for download. Each lesson is bird-related and can be accompanied by a visit from one of our educators either before or after the lesson. Contact us at education@hawksaloft.org or 505-828-9455 to schedule a program today!

Check back for more lessons or send us an email at education@hawksaloft.org with lesson ideas or suggestions.

Aztec the Great-horned Owl & her foster chick

Egg Lab

Download the Egg Lab (PDF)

Learning Objective: To understand the parts of an egg and how the egg’s design helps the baby birds safely develop inside.

Grade Levels: 3 – 6

Time Required: 45-60 min

Subject(s): Science


  • chicken eggs (one per student or pair)
  • warm water
  • beaker
  • rain poncho or lab apron
  • newspaper
  • paper bowls (one per student or pair)
  • tongue depressors (one per student or pair)
  • gloves (optional)


Mapping Migration

Swainson’s Hawks have one of the longest migration routes of all raptors.

Download the Mapping Migration Activity (PDF)

Learning Objective: To learn the locations of important stopping grounds for some migratory bird species.

Grade Levels: 3 – 6

Time Required: 45-60 min

Subject(s): Geography/ Science


  • Atlases (or computer with internet)
  • Colored pens/pencils
  • String (optional)


Wingspan Matters

Peregrine Falcons are the fastest animals on the plant: over 3 times faster than a cheetah!

Peregrine Falcons are the fastest animals on the plant: over 3 times faster than a cheetah!

Download the Wingspan Matters Activity (PDF)

Learning Objective: To apply mathematical techniques to the natural world & understand that a bird’s wingspan determines where it can live.

Grade Levels: 4 – 8

Time Required: 30 – 45 min

Subject(s): Science, Math


  • Measuring tape
  • Ruler
  • Calculator