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Adult Programs

Hawks Aloft has programs available for adults as well as children. Keep reading for more information on adult programs. For information on youth programs click here. To schedule a program email us as education@hawksaloft.org or call us at 505-828-9455.

Adult Education Programs

Golden Eagle, image by Doug Brown

Juvenile Bald Eagle, image by Doug Brown

Hawks Aloft offers a variety of educational programs for adult or mixed groups covering a wide range of topics. These single visit presentations are led by expert speakers and feature live raptors.

Adult Program Topics

  • Field Biology – Studies of Hawks Aloft
  • Raptor Identification:
    • Live raptors up close! What might that large hawk flying overhead be? Have you always wondered about the mysterious world of raptor identification? Join Gail Garber for an enlightening look into the world of raptors and how to distinguish them from one another. Plumage characteristics, season, behavior and habitat all provide clues to their identity. Thanks to the wildlife photographers who donate their work to Hawks Aloft, this program promises to be a visual art show.
  • All About Owls:

    • Live owls up close! Whooo is that calling in the night? What might you expect to see during different seasons in New Mexico? Join Gail Garber and staff of Hawks Aloft as we venture into the world of owls of North America, nine-teen species in all. Learn how different owls have adapted to their unique habitats, from the Snowy Owl of the far north, weighing in at nearly 4 pounds to the diminutive Elf Owl of the southwest that weighs less than two ounces. Laugh with us as we relay some of our owl adventures both near and far, from the riparian woodland along the Rio Grande, to the Sax Zim Bog near Duluth, MN. This talk will feature the live educational owls of Hawks Aloft as well as the amazing imagery of Doug Brown, David Powell, Keith Bauer, and our other favorite photographers.
  • Life and Times of New Mexico Raptors:
    Ferruginous Hawk. Image by Larry Rimer

    Ferruginous Hawk. Image by Larry Rimer

    • Live raptors! The sandhill crane and the golden eagle in a life and death encounter; fledgling Cooper’s Hawks and American Crows forming a juvenile pack; Swainson’s Hawks feasting on bats; Burrowing Owls and Ferruginous Hawks sharing the same prairie dog towns: both predators but one also prey. We’ll share real life stories and fascinating life histories of some of the raptors that call New Mexico home. They’ll bring several of their live educational raptors so you can get up close views and photographs, too.
  • Birding in New Mexico
  • Birds of the Riparian Bosque
  • Other topic of your choice

If you do not see a topic of interest to you, please inquire about a special program for your group.

Corporate Programs

Bald Eagles. Image by Keith Bauer.

Bald Eagles. Image by Keith Bauer.

Hawks Aloft provides programs for corporations to help train & inform employees on rules and regulations regarding birds as well as guidelines on dealing with injured or abandoned raptors and other wildlife.

For corporations, we offer two programs:

Compliance with Federal Laws

  • Features live, non-releasable raptors
  • Covers:
    • Endangered Species Act
    • Bald and Golden Eagle Protection Act
    • Migratory Bird Treaty Act.

Avian Biology, Conservation, and Your Company

  • Features live non-releasable raptors
  • Covers:
    • Customized issues relevant to your corporation
    • Identification of raptors and songbirds

Program Fees

Adult Spotted Owl. Image by Mike Fugagli

Adult Spotted Owl. Image by Mike Fugagli

  • Programs in the Albuquerque metro area:
    • First program: $175.00
    • Second program: Free (must follow first program, same location and day)
    • Third program: $100.00 (same location, same day)
    • Fourth Program: $100.00 (same location, same day)
  • Programs further than 50 miles from Albuquerque:
    • 1-3 programs: $300
    • Plus $0.56/mile roundtrip
    • Possibly lodging fees if program requires an overnight stay

To schedule an adult program, contact us as education@hawksaloft.org or 505-828-9455.